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to resolve energy disputes from the south china sea to the eastern mediterranean to keep the world's energy market stable. now this has been helped quite significantly by the increase in their own domestic production. it's no accident that is iranian oil has gone off-line because of our sanctions other sources have come on line so iran cannot and if it from increased prices. then there is human rights and our support for democracy and the rule of law, levers of power and values we cannot afford to ignore. in the last century the united states led the world in recognizing that universal rights exist and that governments are obligated to protect them. now we have placed ourselves at the front lines of today's emerging battles like the fight to defend the human rights of the lgbt communities around the world and religious minorities wherever and whoever they are. but it's not a coincidence that virtually every country that threatens regional and global peace is a place where human rights are in peril or the rule of law is weak. more specifically, places where women and girls are treated as sec
technological achievement are behind us and if other nations like china and india will surpass us or perhaps already have. some nations are creating environments so attractive to global manufacturers that companies have relocated much of their activities on foreign soil. our global trade imbalance is do growing as we export less and import more. and today the imbalance includes many high-tech products. other nations are changing their policy to become more competitive and so should we. fortunately blazing trails in to new frontiers is what america has always done best. to set the stage for the congress and to understand where america is heading, we have very knowledgeable witnesses testifying before us today. each of them understands both the public and private research and development efforts as well as where our global competitors are headed. members of the committee have the opportunity to work together on policies that will help america stay competitive. and today's hearing is the first step. that concludes my opening statement. and gentlewoman from texas is recognized. >> thank you very
of china basically is communism in name only these days and it preserved the power of the members of communist party but they basically threw most ideology aside when deng chow ping opened it up to become a capitalist haven. the come nifl in china, they talk at great length at party conferences about marxism and leninism. it is all about preserving the party's power economically as the country continues to grow because they threw aside most vestiges of communism a long time ago. in north korea, it is about preserving the military and the kim dynasty. it has nothing to do what karl marx envisioned as communism way back. someone can do a fascinating book, somehow communism when it moved into asia diverged into something different in vietnam, cambodia, laos, china, north korea than the come nifl in the eastern companies that. is absolutely fascinating split that occurred. >> former "washington post" correspondent keith richburg on 34 years of reporting and insights on sunday on c-span's q&a. >> with the senate on break we're featuring book tv programs in prime time. our schedule toni
there is a group of 26 hiv aids and elegy bt activists here today from china and taiwan. [applause] [applause] [applause] [applause] i look forward to spend time with them. we went through a lot of pizzas, and i have to tell you, i am so inspired by your vision and your creativity and your drive. they are the founders of the lgb t movement in china and taiwan, and we welcome you. [applause] again and again we show up for each other, add new people to our family and unfortunately at times this members of our family. we have had an unusual number of deaths this year. our staff and board members lost parents, grandparents, a key task force volunteers and tragically a child. and we lost a dear friend and co-worker in san the green who, as many of you know, was an extraordinary woman who worked for the task force for a decade and greeted people at creating change at the registration desk every year. sandy, sandy was not afraid to say there was a black straight woman and was part of a family working for civil rights for all [applause] iso wish -- i so wished she could have seen the president's spee
is growing dramatically, especially in china. which is an international draw of 2012. about 2.75 billion. every single day in china, 10 new movie screens are built and open up in the country. everyday with imax theaters, 3-d theaters, opening the market to more people in our country. all of these added up to the american movie industry. both here and abroad, the final analysis, the industry is successful because it represents an extraordinary value to consumers the world over. two weeks ago, i was in los angeles or the 65th annual directors guild of america awards. one of the preaward defense was the five directors who were nominated of the directors guild as best director award. on a panel with steven spielberg, life of pi directly -- director and the director of les miserables i realize that this industry is like none other on the planet. every movie is handcrafted and unique. ev
to have to stand up after russia and china has used the drone against a dissident in a country in the state department will have to explain why that was and that it extremely important for our government and the executive branch to lay down is precisely clear rules for the use of drones. >> wouldn't it be the case that china or someone, the we would condemn that out of hand? that we wouldn't say that this one is okay, that one wasn't? >> if they were being attacked -- >> we are judging the impact at one point. >> is somewhere posing imminent threats to russia in the country they were in was unwilling or unable to prevent that threat, i think we would have to acknowledge the right to defend. >> something that john bellinger said. you need to process this. i do not understand. i don't understand how unilateral determination without any judicial involvement can be considered in any form. let me ask the following question. you said that we can attack a senior operational terrorist posing an imminent threat consistent with the laws of war. i do not understand why we need a senior op
in a behind the scenes way with trying to promote internet freedom particularly in china. so i just wanted to make comment that that was typical of him he moved on to a new issue that engaged his tremendous mind and passion. >> my name is bob lablance. i was the last person interviewed to become the director of otp. you can see how well i did. tom took the job. it's obvious he knew what to do and i didn't. but aside from that, we became fast friends until the last almost twenty five years. we would direct mutual funds and i must say bringing the insight he had at the intelligence he had was to the benefit of the shareholders of the mutual funds. i can't tell margaret and everybody how much i miss him and love him. thank you very much. justice scalia. yes, sir. >>. thank you. >> first general council succeeded by -- [inaudible] i want to make two points about tom. the first one makes me happy. i'm a disorganized person. length of time tom was very -- [laughter] tom was very disorganized. [laughter] really needed somebody to keep track of his schedule and his his offs and everything else. it
masters at gw school of engineering in applied sciences. originally from china, she been in the united states for five years, studying operations research in the systems engineering department. if you talk to her you'll see, she is pretty smart. she'd like to stay here. she wants to invest her talents in america and maybe even start her own company, but she has seen too many of her friend with advanced degrees have to go home despite sharing some of her same dreams and aspirations of wanting to become part of this country. now, last year the house passed a bipartisan stems job act which helped fix this problem. we will act against in this congress and hope the senate chooses to join us this time. i look forward to fee -- fiona real a's herring dreams and our country reaping the reward of her hard work and talent, whether it's college or the cost of daycare, making life work for more families, means reducing the economic instewart plaguing so many working moms and dads. over the last 20 years the world has changed. it used to be that one could make a career out of working for just one c
further. as long as countries like china keep going all in on clean energy, so must we. in the meantime, the natural gas boom has led to cleaner power and greater energy independence. weed in to encourage that. that's why my administration will keep cutting red tape and speeding up new oil and gas permits. [applause] president obama: that's got to be part of the all of the above plan. i also want to work with congress to encourage the research and technology that helps natural gas burn even cleaner, and protects our air and our water. in fact, much of our new-found energy is drawn from lands and waters that we, the public, own together. so tonight i propose we use some of our oil and gas revenues to fun an energy security trust that will drive new research and technology to shift our cars and trucks off oil for good. if a nonpartisan coalition of ceos and retired generals and admirals can get behind this idea, so can we. let's take their advice and free our families and businesses from the painful spikes in gas prices we have put up with for far too long. i'mles issuing a new goal for
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9